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Charles’ approach to business is firmly rooted in the belief that the more a company grows, the less it should depend on its founder/CEO. Through his talks as a keynote speaker, Charles shares his real-world strategies for creating predictability and faster growth to entrepreneurs and business owners needing to reach that next level of company performance.

Growth strategies your audience can implement immediately

Every day Charles works with clients to solve growth challenges and fix problems within organizations. These daily interactions serve as the foundation for his talks. As such, every presentation — whether in-person or online — is customized with strategies and resources based on what’s working well right now.

Charles’s Most-Requested Topics

Whether a market is considered “bad” or “good,” people still buy. The only difference is,  they are more discerning about purchases during uncertain times. In this presentation, Charles shows you how to make your product or service a must-have, so buyers eagerly do business with you even when the economy takes a turn.

When growing a company, you can reach about $1 milion/year in revenue through word-of-mouth and referrals. Yet relying on these two channels limits your ability to scale. In this presentation, Charles shares strategies for reaching the next million and beyond by creating scalable marketing and sales systems.

These days, too many companies continue to compete on price. This makes it difficult to differentiate and creates disloyal buyers who only seek out the best bargains. In this presentation, Charles explains how you can get people to pay premium prices for your product or service, while still having prospects line up to do business with you.

The Go-To Business Coach for 7 and 8 Figure Businesses” and perhaps the “busiest sales coach in the US.“

The International Business Times

Speaking Requests

Charles welcomes inquiries for speaking requests at conferences, panels and seminars, as well as interviews for the media. Due to the educational nature and actionable insight shared during Charles’ talks, his presentations are best suited for audiences focused on learning. Submit your request today by completing the form.

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