Charles Gaudet is the author of the highly acclaimed PREDICTABLE PROFITS PLAYBOOK: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dominating Any Market and Staying on Top and the CEO of Predictable Profits, a leading marketing, coaching, and consulting company specializing in helping small businesses get unstuck and capture more market share.

Charlie has been an entrepreneur since the young age of four when he sold artwork to his neighbors. Year after year, his entrepreneurial journey gained traction. His business ventures ranged from establishing a bathroom tollbooth at his parents’ home (which they shockingly agreed to play along with) to creating an angel-financed pet health insurance company (which was nominated “One of the Nation’s Best Seed-Stage Companies” by accounting giant Ernst & Young) to a multimillion-dollar real estate development company—and many others.

Today, Charlie’s advice has appeared in media throughout the world including Fox Business, Inc., Forbes, Mashable, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail and Business Insider, plus he has spoken to both domestic and international audiences. He was selected as the “Hub” in Marshall Thurber’s “Success Secrets of the 21st Century” and was nominated for Small Business Trend’s “2012’s Small Business Influencer” and Idea Cafe’s 2011 “Entrepreneur of the Year.” He also received the honor as one of The American Genius Beat’s “Top 50 Influencers.”

On occasion, his kids even take his advice.

Charlie is a high school, Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling state champion, a blue-belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, and a wake boarder. To feed his ravenous appetite for quality entrepreneurial and personal achievement information, he has invested more than $500,000 studying thought-leaders, billionaires, multimillionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and leaders of all types.   Charlie and his wife, Heather traveled much of the world as an elite member of Tony Robbin’s Platinum Partnership.

A member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council and an alumnus of Babson College, he lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with his wife, three children, and their 120-pound lap dog.

Nobody has ever called Charlie “ordinary.”